"CRITICAL READER" aims to promote critical thinking through the encouragement to reading. The idea is very simple: we have distributed books in public places, where you can sit and read them or bring them home and return them later to the same place after you've finished reading it, so that other people also have the chance to read them.
        If you found one of our books, congratulations! You are now the owner of an exciting book! The book now belongs to you! However, we would really appreciate if you could repeat our actions and help us spread the idea. You can keep the book for yourself, but wouldn't it be more exciting to let other people also enjoy the book? Please, consider putting it back in the same place where you found it or another public place, so that other people can also enjoy reading it in the same way that you will. Our goal is to make the books reach as many people as possible and your help is essential. Without your collaboration, we will never achieve our goals. Thank you for participating in this exciting project!

        If you found one of our books, please send us your feedback: