The International Society for Peace is a virtual organization created on October 26, 2011 to promote peace through critical thinking and science education. The definition of peace adopted by the International Society for Peace represents the ideals of this organization:

"Peace is the condition in which every individual of the population enjoys equality of freedom, education, security, health and justice, independently of their language, culture, nationality, gender, sexuality, color, religion, financial condition or any other personal aspect".
    Education is the only long-term solution to all the problems in the world, and critical thinking and science are essential parts of it. Giving education to the people and teaching them how to think is to give them power to recognize, analyze and solve personal and societal problems. Science (meaning the understanding of reality) has a fundamental role in providing the people with the knowledge necessary for creating new and effective solutions, as well as giving the people the motivation and reason to dream about a better future.